Our trips are based on local people and culture, we appreciate and support local tradition and give you pristine, first-class authentic experience into the way of living without artificial ”tourist additives”.


to sustainable development

Grand Cuvee Tours is very much aware of the importance of sustainable development. The business challenges we face are closely intertwined with being part of the social and natural environment.

Social responsibility is perceived as a lasting commitment to work together with the environment in which we operate. Supporting and helping our environment is embedded in our long-term growth strategy. Caring for social and environmental is part of Grand Cuvée tours operations and its wider social activities.

We’re committed to making your trip have a positive effect on the destination you’re visiting. That’s why we use locally owned and environmentally and socially responsible accommodation wherever possible.

We work with local partners in our destination and use local guides and drivers wherever possible.
We pay fair wages and we are fair to everyone involved in your trip.

We are environmentally friendly in our office, this is our standard practice: we encourage cycling to work, car sharing, recycling, lowering energy use and using planet-friendly cleaning products and we have our own garden.

We care

Taking responsibility towards environment and society

We try to ensure that your trip has a positive effect on the destination you are visiting.

• Observe local cultural sensitivities and engage with local people and avoid embarrassment or even offence.

• Learn a few words in a local language and open the doors to a more authentic experience.

• Always ask if it’s OK to take a person’s photograph, and be aware that flash photography can damage artwork.

• Aim to recycle what you can. Water bottles can often be refilled hygienically. Try to throw away or recycle any extra packaging you may have before you travel, and bring items such as batteries home to be recycled if they can’t be locally.

• Most of the hotels have a policy of reusing sheets or towels, try to support this as often as you feel you can. Remember to turn off lights and electrical equipment in your room if you’re not using them, and turn off air-conditioning units when they’re not needed or when you leave the room. Water can be a precious resource, so try to keep your usage of it to a minimum, both in your hotel room and whenever possible throughout your trip.

• When visiting national parks and nature reserves, stick to set paths in order to preserve natural habitats and leave animals undisturbed. Keeping noise to a minimum also helps, and allows you and others to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature or the peace and quiet.

• We support locally-owned businesses. Try to eat in locally owned restaurants and order local drinks and produce rather than international brands. You can encourage community initiatives such as handmade crafts by buying locally produced souvenirs.
• Different cultures have different attitudes to tipping – ask us or your guide for advice.